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We share you the benefits of sleeping in a hammock

  • You fall asleep quickly: When you lie down in a hammock, a relaxing swaying rhythm is naturally generated that also stimulates memories in the brain the associated with rest and as a result you quickly fall asleep.
  • Goodbye brain pressure: Generally when we adopted a bad sleeping position , the contact points that generated certain signs of discomfort to the brain, start on sending signals, this does not allow rest to be restful, it means you can can sleep, however, it doesn’t manage you rest… Consequently blood pressure appears. The position adopted when lying in the hammock to sleep, is conceived according to the suspension of the body on its own weight, mostly reducing the contact points.
  • Deep sleep: The fact on falling asleep, the swinging of the hammock contributes to the synchronization of brain activity and stimulates sleep. You can be sure that taking your nap in the hammock will gradually stimulate sleep in a way that is a true restful sleep.
  • You don’t have to make the bed: Keeping your room in order was never easier! … And that without counting the fact that you can move your hammock to any area of ​​the house, the garden, the garage or the park ( ) . If you like to keep your room tidy you can lift your hammock and fold it (so that everything remains in place), if you prefer to leave it mounted there will be no problem and so you can give your space that touch of style: relax and comfort. You can also get away during the day and go for a 20-minute repair nap!
  • You optimize blood circulation to brain Sleeping well is synonymous with living well … Adopting a position lying on the back with the head slightly raised optimizes the blood circulation that together with the practice of a deep and relaxed breathing add to the process of oxygenation of the blood transported to the brain.
  • Comfort: There is one or more hammocks for everyone, once you choose the one you feel most comfortable in, your body will thank you.

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